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Adult B Grade LatinFinal
Adult B Grade Latin - Round 1119
Adult B Grade Latin - Semi137
Adult B Grade New VogueFinal
Adult B Grade New Vogue - Semi80
Adult B Grade StandardFinal
Adult B Grade Standard - Round 187
Adult B Grade Standard - Semi128
Adult C Grade LatinFinal
Adult C Grade Latin - Semi126
Adult C Grade New VogueFinal
Adult C Grade StandardFinal
Adult Open LatinFinal
Adult Open Latin - Round 1135
Adult Open Latin - Semi139
Adult Open New VogueFinal
Adult Open New Vogue - Semi134
Adult Open StandardFinal
Adult Open Standard - Round 1112
Adult Open Standard - Semi131
Junior B Grade LatinFinal
Junior B Grade New VogueFinal
Junior B Grade StandardFinal
Junior C Grade LatinFinal
Junior C Grade New VogueFinal
Junior C Grade StandardFinal
Junior Open LatinFinal
Junior Open New VogueFinal
Junior Open StandardFinal
Juvenile B Grade LatinFinal
Juvenile B Grade New VogueFinal
Juvenile B Grade StandardFinal
Juvenile Open LatinFinal
Juvenile Open New VogueFinal
Juvenile Open StandardFinal
Masters I B Grade LatinFinal
Masters I B Grade New VogueFinal
Masters I B Grade StandardFinal
Masters I C Grade LatinFinal
Masters I C Grade New VogueFinal
Masters I C Grade StandardFinal
Masters I Open LatinFinal
Masters I Open New VogueFinal
Masters I Open New Vogue - Semi136
Masters I Open StandardFinal
Masters I Open Standard - Semi132
Masters II B Grade LatinFinal
Masters II B Grade New VogueFinal
Masters II B Grade New Vogue - Semi64
Masters II B Grade StandardFinal
Masters II B Grade Standard - Semi73
Masters II C Grade LatinFinal
Masters II C Grade New VogueFinal
Masters II C Grade StandardFinal
Masters II Open LatinFinal
Masters II Open New VogueFinal
Masters II Open New Vogue - Round 1102
Masters II Open New Vogue - Semi129
Masters II Open StandardFinal
Masters II Open Standard - Round 1113
Masters II Open Standard - Semi125
Masters III B/C Grade LatinFinal
Masters III B/C Grade New VogueFinal
Masters III B/C Grade StandardFinal
Masters III Open LatinFinal
Masters III Open New VogueFinal
Masters III Open StandardFinal
Professional LatinFinal
Professional New VogueFinal
Professional StandardFinal
Professional with Amateur LatinFinal
Professional with Amateur New VogueFinal
Professional with Amateur StandardFinal
Professional with Master LatinFinal
Professional with Master New VogueFinal
Professional with Master StandardFinal
Recreational Adult Couples LatinFinal
Recreational Adult Couples Latin - Semi58
Recreational Adult Couples New VogueFinal
Recreational Adult Couples New Vogue - Semi41A
Recreational Adult Couples StandardFinal
Recreational Adult Couples Standard - Semi49
Recreational Adult Lady LatinFinal
Recreational Adult Lady Latin - Semi17
Recreational Adult Lady New VogueFinal
Recreational Adult Lady New Vogue - Semi5
Recreational Adult Lady StandardFinal
Recreational Adult Lady Standard - Semi27
Recreational Adult Man LatinFinal
Recreational Adult Man Latin - Semi32
Recreational Adult Man New VogueFinal
Recreational Adult Man StandardFinal
Recreational Adult Man Standard - Semi11
Recreational Junior Girl LatinFinal
Recreational Junior Girl New VogueFinal
Recreational Junior Girl StandardFinal
Recreational Juvenile Girl LatinFinal
Recreational Juvenile Girl New VogueFinal
Recreational Juvenile Girl StandardFinal
Recreational Masters I Couples LatinFinal
Recreational Masters I Couples New VogueFinal
Recreational Masters I Couples StandardFinal
Recreational Masters II/III Couples LatinFinal
Recreational Masters II/III Couples New VogueFinal
Recreational Masters II/III Couples StandardFinal
Recreational Masters Lady LatinFinal
Recreational Masters Lady Latin - Semi16
Recreational Masters Lady New VogueFinal
Recreational Masters Lady New Vogue - Semi22
Recreational Masters Lady StandardFinal
Recreational Masters Lady Standard - Semi10
Recreational Masters Man LatinFinal
Recreational Masters Man New VogueFinal
Recreational Masters Man New Vogue - Semi5A
Recreational Masters Man StandardFinal
Recreational Masters Man Standard - Semi27A
Recreational Youth Boy LatinFinal
Recreational Youth Boy New VogueFinal
Recreational Youth Boy StandardFinal
Recreational Youth Couples LatinFinal
Recreational Youth Couples New VogueFinal
Recreational Youth Couples StandardFinal
Recreational Youth Girl LatinFinal
Recreational Youth Girl New VogueFinal
Recreational Youth Girl StandardFinal
Youth B Grade LatinFinal
Youth B Grade New VogueFinal
Youth B Grade StandardFinal
Youth C Grade LatinFinal
Youth C Grade Latin - Semi98
Youth C Grade New VogueFinal
Youth C Grade StandardFinal
Youth C Grade Standard - Semi72
Youth Open LatinFinal
Youth Open Latin - Semi130
Youth Open New VogueFinal
Youth Open StandardFinal
Youth Open Standard - Semi133
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